The Workshop on Industrial Technology of Graphene was successfully held in Xiamen University

Publish Date:2016-8-29     Visited827Times    bsp;  

The Workshop on Industrial Technology of Graphene was held in Xiamen University on August 11th & 12th, 2016 sponsored by Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials (iChEM) and XMU Graphene Industry and Engineering Research Institute. At this workshop many experts were invited including the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Prof. Konstantin Novoselov (University of Manchester) and Prof. ZhongFan Liu (Peking University). The current trend in the development of graphene and industrialization of graphene with its applications were the hot topics discussed in this seminar. Enough free time was given for discussions and ideas exchange about preparation of graphene for industrial applications. The Seminar was organized by Prof. Zhongqun Tian (President of International Society of Electrochemistry) and Prof. Nanfeng Zheng (Xiamen University) and more than 80 teachers with background of Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, and Energy Information, and many students from inside and outside the university attended this workshop.

In the opening ceremony, Prof. Zhongqun Tian welcomed the participants of workshop and appreciated them for coming and becoming the part of forum. The seminar started with lecture of Prof. Konstantin Novoselov on “Vander Waals Hetrostructures and their Applications” which includes both fundamental study of graphene and developments in the field of two dimensional materials progress. It also covers the current graphene material applications in printable electronics, military security, plastic additives, waste water treatment and also other potential applications in future. It also shows the current progress achieved in the development of electronic devices by his research group. 

At the end of the workshop, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences Prof. Zhongqun Tian and Prof. Zhongfan Liu summarized the workshop and gave their remarks and recommendations. According to Prof. Zhongqun Tian, the current two dimensional graphene shows distinct behavior for basic and applied research. In basic research graphene has regular structure but practically the structure of graphene varies widely. He also recommends paying attention to graphene comprehensive definition, implementation related functions and key structure of graphene and its applications. According to Prof. Zhongfan Liu’s point of view, there should have team of researchers in China focusing on basic research of material growth of graphene and applications of preparation technology in raw material industries. In addition to graphene industrial aspects, he believes that graphene thermal conductivity could achieve faster application in terms of the touch screen, storage and batteries in the electronic devices and graphene could significantly improve their performance. In future, graphene can be used in filtration and many other fields.

Prof. Konstantin Novoselov has appointed as “Honorary Distinguished Professor” of iChEM since June 2014, and as “Honorary Professor” of Xiamen University from April 2016. Until now, he has visited Xiamen University eight times with a span time of more than four months and cooperated in his field, and made a lot of outstanding contributions in a number of personnel trainings, scientific research and discipline construction.