[AIChE Journal ] Prof. Keju Jing published a cooperative paper entitled “Kinetic modeling and process analysis for Desmodesmus sp. lutein photo-production”

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Title: Kinetic modeling and process analysis for Desmodesmus sp. lutein photo-production

Author: Ehecatl Antonio del Rio-Chanona, Nur rashid Ahmed,Dongda Zhang*, Yinghua Lu, Keju Jing*


Lutein is a high-value bioproduct synthesized by microalga Desmodesmus sp. In the current study two aspects of this process are thoroughly investigated: identifying the complex effects of light intensity and nitrate concentration on biomass growth and lutein synthesis, and constructing an accurate kinetic model capable of simulating the entire bioprocess dynamic performance, neither of which has been previously addressed. Three original contributions are presented here. First, it is found that completely opposite to a nitrogen-limiting culture, under nitrogen-sufficient conditions a higher lutein content is caused by a higher light intensity and lower nitrate concentration. Second, contrary to lutein content, total lutein production always increases with the increasing nitrate concentration. Third, through experimental verification, the proposed kinetic model is characterized by high accuracy and predictability, indicating its competence for future process design, control, and optimization. Based on the model, optimal light intensities for lutein production and microalgae growth are identified. © 2017 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2017


Full Link: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/aic.15667/full