Faculty by Alphabet

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C   Top
Cao, Xiaoyu Associate Professor xcao@xmu.edu.cn
Cao, Zexing Professor zxcao@xmu.edu.cn
Cao, Zhikai Associate Professor zhikai@xmu.edu.cn
Che, Liming Assistant Professor lmc@xmu.edu.cn
Chen, Binghui Professor chenbh@xmu.edu.cn
Chen, Hongbin Assistant Professor hbchan@xmu.edu.cn
Chen, Li Associate Professor chenliamoy@gmail.com
Chen, Mingshu Professor chenms@xmu.edu.cn
Chen, Xi Professor xichen@xmu.edu.cn
Chen, Xiaolan Associate Professor chenxl@xmu.edu.cn
Chen, Yihui Associate Professor yhchen@xmu.edu.cn
Chen, Zhenhua Associate Professor zhhchen@xmu.edu.cn
Cheng, Jun Professor chengjun@xmu.edu.cn
D   Top
Deng, Shunliu Associate Professor sldeng@xmu.edu.cn
Deng, Weiping Assistant Professor dengwp@xmu.ed.cn
Dong, Quanfeng Professor qfdong@xmu.edu.cn
Dong, Xin Assistant Professor dxin@xmu.edu.cn
Du, Ronggui Professor rgdu@xmu.edu.cn
E   Top
EricMeggers Professor meggers@xmu.edu.cn
F   Top
Fang, Baishan Professor fbs@xmu.edu.cn
Fang, Jun Associate Professor jfang@xmu.edu.cn
Fang, Weiping Professor wpfang@xmu.edu.cn
Fang, Zhiming Associate Professor zmfang@xmu.edu.cn
Fu, Gang Associate Professor gfu@xmu.edu.cn
G   Top
Gao, Jinhao Professor jhgao@xmu.edu.cn
Gong Lei Associate Professor gongl@xmu.edu.cn
Guo, Chenyun Associate Professor guochy78@xmu.edu.cn
H   Top
Han, Shoufa Professor shoufa@xmu.edu.cn
Hang, Wei Professor weihang@xmu.edu.cn
He, Ning Professor hening@xmu.edu.cn
He, Xumin Professor hejin@xmu.edu.cn
Hong, Wenjing Professor whong@xmu.edu.cn
Hou, Xu Professor houx@xmu.edu.cn
Huang, Benli Professor, Member of CAS blhuang@xmu.edu.cn
Huang, Chuanjing Professor huangcj@xmu.edu.cn
Huang, Jiale Associate Professor cola@xmu.edu.cn
Huang, Ling Professor huangl@xmu.edu.cn
Huang, Peiqiang Professor pqhuang@xmu.edu.cn
Huang, Rongbin Professor Rbhuang@xmu.edu.cn
J   Top
Jia, Lishan Professor jials@xmu.edu.cn
Jiang, Yunbao Professor ybjiang@xmu.edu.cn
Jiang, Zhiyuan Professor zyjiang@xmu.edu.cn
Jiang, Yanxia Professor yxjiang@xmu.edu.cn
Jiang, Yaqi Associate Professor yqjiang@xmu.edu.cn
Jing, Keju Assistant Professor jkj@xmu.edu.cn
K   Top
Kong, Xiangjian Associate Professor xjkong@xmu.edu.cn
Kuang, Qin Associate Professor qkuang@xmu.edu.cn
L   Top
Li, Haiyan Associate Professor hyli@xmu.edu.cn
Li, Jianfeng Professor li@xmu.edu.cn
Li, Jun Professor junnyxm@xmu.edu.cn
Li, Qingbiao Professor kelqb@xmu.edu.cn
Li, Shunhua Associate Professor lishua@xmu.edu.cn
Li, Sifang Professor sfli@xmu.edu.cn
Li, Yanyun Associate Professor yanyunli@xmu.edu.cn
Li, Yaoqun Professor yqlig@xmu.edu.cn
Li, Yunhua Associate Professor yunhuali@xmu.edu.cn
Li, Zhao Associate Professor lizhao@xmu.edu.cn
Lian, Wei Associate Professor lianwei@xmu.edu.cn
Liang, Wanzhen Professor liangwz@xmu.edu.cn
Liao, Honggang Professor hgliao@xmu.edu.cn
Liao, Xinli Associate Professor xlliao@xmu.edu.cn
Lin, Donghai Professor dhlin@xmu.edu.cn
Lin, Haiqiang Associate Professor hqlin@xmu.edu.cn
Lin, Hongyu Associate Professor hylin007@xmu.edu.cn
Lin, Jianbin Associate Professor jb.lin@xmu.edu.cn
Lin, Jingdong Assistant Professor jdlin@xmu.edu.cn
Lin, Lirong Associate Professor linlr@xmu.edu.cn
Lin, Yumei Associate Professor linyum@xmu.edu.cn
Ling, Xueping Assistant Professor xpling@xmu.edu.cn
Liu, Jian Associate Professor jianliuxmu@xmu.edu.cn
Liu, Qinglin Professor qlliu@xmu.edu.cn
Liu, Yan Associate Professor stacyliu@xmu.edu.cn
Long, Lasheng Professor lslong@xmu.edu.cn
Lu, Xin Professor ylu@xmu.edu.cn
Lu, Yinghua Professor xinlu@xmu.edu.cn
M   Top
Mao, Bingwei Professor bwmao@xmu.edu.cn
R   Top
Ren, Bin Professor bren@xmu.edu.cn
Ren, Yanping Professor ypren@xmu.edu.cn
Ruan, Yuanping Professor ypruan@xmu.edu.cn
S   Top
Sha, Yong Associate Professor ysha@xmu.edu.cn
Shen, Liang Associate Professor shenliang@xmu.edu.cn
Shi, Jia Associate Professor jshi@xmu.edu.cn
Shi, Kang Professor kshi@xmu.edu.cn
Su, Peifeng Associate Professor supi@xmu.edu.cn
Sun, Daohua Associate Professor sdaohua@xmu.edu.cn
Sun, Lan Associate Professor sunlan@xmu.edu.cn
Sun, Shigang Professor, Member of CAS sgsun@xmu.edu.cn
T   Top
Tan, Kai Associate Professor ktan@xmu.edu.cn
Tan, Yuanzhi Professor yuanzhi_tan@xmu.edu.cn
Tang, Guo Associate Professor t12g21@xmu.edu.cn
Tang, Zichao Professor zctang@xmu.edu.cn
Tao, Jun Professor taojun@xmu.edu.cn
Tian, Na Associate Professor tnsd@xmu.edu.cn
Tian, Zhaowu Professor, Member of CAS zwtian@xmu.edu.cn
Tian, Zhongqun Professor, Member of CAS zqtian@xmu.edu.cn
Tu, Song Associate Professor tusong@xmu.edu.cn
W   Top
Wan, Huilin Professor, Member of CAS hlwan@xmu.edu.cn
Wan, shaolong Associate Professor wanshl@hotmail.com
Wang, Cheng Professor wangchengxmu@xmu.edu.cn
Wang, Aie Associate Professor aiewang@xmu.edu.cn
Wang, Chaohui Professor zhwang@xmu.edu.cn
Wang, Hongtao Associate Professor wanght@xmu.edu.cn
Wang, Qiuquan Professor qqwang@xmu.edu.cn
Wang, Shizhen Associate Professor syw@xmu.edu.cn
Wang, Ye Professor wangye@xmu.edu.cn
Wang, Yiru Associate Professor yrwang@xmu.edu.cn
Wang, Yuanpeng Professor wypp@xmu.edu.cn
Wang, Zhaoshou Assistant Professor wzs@xmu.edu.cn
Wang, Zhoucheng Professor zcwang@xmu.edu.cn
Wen, Tingbin Professor chwtb@xmu.edu.cn
Weng, Weizheng Professor wzweng@xmu.edu.cn
Weng, Wengui Associate Professor wgweng@xmu.edu.cn
Wu, Anan Associate Professor ananwu@xmu.edu.cn
Wu, Chuanliu Professor chlwu@xmu.edu.cn
Wu, Deyin Professor dywu@xmu.edu.cn
Wu, Lina Associate Professor alina1222@xmu.edu.cn
Wu, Weitai Professor wuwtxmu@xmu.edu.cn
Wu, Wei Professor weiwu@xmu.edu.cn
Wu, Xueji Associate Professor wuxj@xmu.edu.cn
Wu, Xuee Associate Professor xewu@xmu.edu.cn
Wu, Zhenyi Associate Professor zywu@xmu.edu.cn
X   Top
Xia, Haiping Professor hpxia@xmu.edu.cn
Xia, Wensheng Professor wsxia@xmu.edu.cn
Xiao, Zongyuan Associate Professor xiaozy@xmu.edu.cn
Xie, Suyuan Professor syxie@xmu.edu.cn
Xie, Zhaoxiong Professor zxxie@xmu.edu.cn
Xu, Fangcheng Associate Professor fcxu@xmu.edu.cn
Xu, Haichao Professor haichao.xu@xmu.edu.cn
Xu, Pengxiang Associate Professor xpengxiang@xmu.edu.cn
Y   Top
Yan, Jiawei Associate Professor jwyan@xmu.edu.cn
Yan, Xiaomei Professor xmyan@xmu.edu.cn
Yang, Chaoyong Professor cyyang@xmu.edu.cn
Yang, Fangzu Associate Professor smzhou@xmu.edu.cn
Yang, Jing Assistant Professor j.yang@xmu.edu.cn
Yang, Lefu Associate Professor lfyang@xmu.edu.cn
Yang, Limin Associate Professor lmyang@xmu.edu.cn
Yang, Liu Associate Professor yangliu@xmu.edu.cn
Yang, Shiyao Professor syyang@xmu.edu.cn
Yang, Yong Professor yyang@xmu.edu.cn
Yao, Chuanyi Associate Professor cyao@xmu.edu.cn
Ye, Jianliang Associate Professor yejl@xmu.edu.cn
Ye, Liyi Associate Professor lyye@xmu.edu.cn
Ye, Longwu Professor longwuye@xmu.edu.cn
Yi, Xiaodong Associate Professor xdyi@xmu.edu.cn
Yin, Yingwu Professor ywyin@xmu.edu.cn
Yuan, Ruming Assistant Professor yuanrm@xmu.edu.cn
Yuan, Youzhu Professor yzyuan@xmu.edu.cn
Z   Top
Zhan, Dongping Professor dpzhan@xmu.edu.cn
Zhan, Zhuangping Professor zpzhan@xmu.edu.cn
Zhang, Bo Associate Professor bozhang@xmu.edu.cn
Zhang, Hong Associate Professor zh@xmu.edu.cn
Zhang, Huijun Associate Professor meghjzhang@xmu.edu.cn
Zhang, Qianyan Associate Professor xmuzhangqy@xmu.edu.cn
Zhang, Qianer Professor, Member of CAS qezhang@xmu.edu.cn
Zhang, Qinghong Professor zhangqh@xmu.edu.cn
Zhang, Qiugen Associate Professor qgzhang@xmu.edu.cn
Zhang, Yandong Associate Professor ydzhang@xmu.edu.cn
Zhao, Jinbao Professor jbzhao@xmu.edu.cn
Zhao, Yi Professor yizhao@xmu.edu.cn
Zhao, Yibing Professor ybzhao@xmu.edu.cn
Zhao, Yufen Professor, Member of CAS yfzhao@xmu.edu.cn
Zheng, Hong Associate Professor hzheng@xmu.edu.cn
Zheng, Jianfeng Associate Professor zjf485@xmu.edu.cn
Zheng, Lansun Professor, Member of CAS lszheng@xmu.edu.cn
Zheng, Mingsen Associate Professor mszheng@xmu.edu.cn
Zheng, Nanfeng Professor nfzheng@xmu.edu.cn
Zheng, Xiao Associate Professor zxiao@xmu.edu.cn
Zheng, Yanmei Associate Professor zym@xmu.edu.cn
Zhou, Hua Associate Professor cezhouh@xmu.edu.cn
Zhou, Jianzhang Associate Professor jzzhou@xmu.edu.cn
Zhou, Leiji Associate Professor ljzhou@xmu.edu.cn
Zhou, Zhaohui Professor zhzhou@xmu.edu.cn
Zhou, Zhiyou Professor zhouzy@xmu.edu.cn
Zhu, Aimei Associate Professor amzhu@xmu.edu.cn
Zhu, Eryi Associate Professor ryzhu@xmu.edu.cn
Zhu, Hongping Professor hpzhu@xmu.edu.cn
Zhu, Jun Associate Professor jun.zhu@xmu.edu.cn
Zhu, Yaxian Professor yaxian@xmu.edu.cn
Zhu, Zhi Professor zhuzhi@xmu.edu.cn