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Selected Recent Publications:
  1. 1. 2010.01.01, Unveiling the Transient Template in the Self-Assembly of a Molecular oxide Nanowheel, Science HaralamposN.Miras, GeoffryJ.T.Cooper, De-Liang Long, HartmutBogge, Achim Muller, CarstenStreb, Leroy Cronin*
  2. 2. 2009.03.01, Spontaneous assembly and real-time growth of micrometer-scale tubular structure from polyoxometalate-based inorganic solids, Nature Chemistry, Chris Ritchie, Geoffrey J.T.Cooper, Yu-Fei Song, CarstenStreb, Huabing Yin, Alexis D.C. Parenty, Donald A. MacLaren, Leroy Cronin*
  3. 3. 2010.03.14, Face-directed self-assembly of an electronically active Archimedean polyoxometalate architecture, Nature Chemistry, Scott G.Mitchell, CarstenStreb, HaralamposN.Miras, Thomas Boyd, De-Liang Long, Leroy Cronin*
  4. 4. 2011.09.04, Observation of Fe=O using variable-temperature mass spectrometry and its enzyme-like C-H and C=C oxidation reactions, Nature Chemistry, Irene Prat, Jennifer S.Mathieson, MireiaGuell, XaviRibas, Josep M. Luis, Leroy Cronin*, Miquel Costas*
  5. 5. 2012.04.15, Integrated 3D-printed reactionware for chemical synthesis and analysis, Nature Chemistry, Mark D.Symes, Philip J.Kitson, Jun Yan, Craig J.Richmond, Geoffrey J.T.Cooper, Richard W.Bowman, TurlifVilbrandt, Leroy Cronin*
  6. 6. 2012.11.18, A flow-system array for the discovery and scale up of inorganic clusters, Nature Chemistry, Craig J.Richmond, HaralamposN.Miras, Andreu Ruiz de la Oliva, HongyingZang, Victor Sans, Leonid Paramonov, CharalamposMakatsoris, Ross Inglis, EuanK.Brechin, De-Liang Long, Leroy Cronin*
  7. 7. 2013.04.14, Decoupling hydrogen and oxygen evolution during electrolytic water splitting using an electron-coupled-proton buffer, Nature Chemistry, Mark D.Symes, Leroy Cronin*
  8. 8. 2014.04.28, Discovery of gigantic molecular nanostructures using a flow reaction array as a search engine, Nature Communication, Hong-Ying Zang, Andreu Ruiz de la Oliva, HaralamposN.Miras, De-Liang Long, Roy T.McBurney, Leroy Cronin*
  9. 9. 2006.10.01, The immitation game- acomputational chemical approach to recognizing life, Nature Biotechnology, Leroy Cronin*, NatalioKrasnogor, Benjamin G Davis, Cameron Alexander, Neil Robertson, Joachim H G Steinke, Sven L M Schroeder, Andrei N Khlobystov, Geoff Cooper, Paul M Gardner, Peter Siepmann, Benjamin J Whitaker, Dan Marsh
  10. 10. 2008.03.30, Reversible electron-transfer reactions within a nanoscale metal oxide cage mediated by metallic substrates, Nature nanotechnology, Christopher Fleming, De-Liang Long, Nicola McMillan, Jacqueline Johnston, Nicolas Bovet, Vin Dhanak, NikolajGadegaard, Paul Kogerler, Leroy Cronin*, Malcolm Kadodwala*
  11. 11. 2009.08.01, How to sweet-talk bacteria, Nature Chemistry, Geoffrey J.T.Cooper, Leroy Cronin*
  12. 12. 2014, Decoupled catalytic hydrogen evolution from a molecular metal oxide redox mediator in water splitting, Science, Benhamin Rausch, Mark D. Symes, Greig Chisholm, Leroy Cronin*
  13. 13. 2014.11.27, Design and fabrication of memory devices based on nanoscalepolyoxometalate clusters, Nature, ChristophBusche, Laia Vila-Nada, Jun Yan, Haralampos N. Miras, De-Liang, Vihar P. Georgiev, AsenAsenov, Rasmus H. Pedersen, NikolajGadegaard, Muhammad M.Mirza, Douglas J. Paul, Josep M. Poblet and Leroy Cronin*


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