无机化学与功能材料 Inorganic Chemistry and Functional Materials
章慧课题组: 配位立体化学与圆二色光谱

Hui ZHANG — Stereochemistry

Selected Publications

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Selected Targets of Current Interest

章慧 教授、博士生导师

学士 (厦门大学,1982)
硕士 (厦门大学,1995)

电话:0592-2183910 (实验室)

研究兴趣:手性化合物的合成、拆分、结构及其立体化学和应用; 手性化合物的溶液和固体CD光谱; 镜面对称性破缺(Mirror Symmetry Breaking)—发现、表征及其应用


Hui ZHANG Professor

B. S., Xiamen University, China, 1982
M. S., Xiamen University, China, 1995 Visiting Scholar, awarded by the British Council Fellowship, University of Exeter, U. K. , 1996-1997

Research Interests:
Synthesis, resolution, and structures of chiral compounds—stereochemistry and applications;
Solution and solid-state CD spectroscopy of chiral compounds; Mirror symmetry breaking— Finding, characterization, and its applications.

E-mail: huizhang@xmu.edu.cn
Department of Chemistry
Xiamen University
Xiamen 361005, Fujian, China
Rm. 246 North Chemistry Building
Tel: ++86-592-2183910 (L)
Fax: ++86-592-2183910