Welcome to the Laboratory of Chromatography/ Electrophoresis and Optical/Mass Spectrometry

Group Photo

The Laboratory of Chromatography/Electrophoresis and Optical/Mass Spectrometry is an affiliated Laboratory of the Key Laboratory of Analytical Sciences of Xiamen University. Founded in 1999, we dedicated to research at fundamentaland applied research, focus on some application of modern analytical apparatus and analytical science to Life science and environmental science.

The Laboratory has 26 staffs comprising 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 10 doctoral students and 12 graduate students. Prof. Qiuquan Wang is the group leader, obtained Ph.D. degree in engineering in Japan. There were 14 doctors and 39 masters graduated from the Laboratory.

The Laboratory is equiped with many large modern analytical instruments, such as nanoLC-HR-MS from Bruker, GC-ICP-MS from Perking-Elmer, CE-LC-MS from Backman-Agilent-Bruke, GCMS-QP2010 from Shimazdu, 3 HPLCs from Shimazdu, AFS from Beijing Titan Instruments Co., Ltd and Beijing Rayleigh Analytical Instrument Corporation.

Domestic and foreign scholars are welcome to come to the lab and guidance of academic exchanges, as well as outstanding students interested in scientific research laboratories apply the master's and doctoral or postdoctoral research work.