Hong-Liang ZHANG

Update Date:2018-08-12     Visited:Times     

Department of Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, China


  • BEng Shandong University, China; Electronic Engineering Jinan, China 1999-2003

  • PhD University of Oxford, Inorganic Chemistry Oxford, UK 2008-2012

  • Secured Clarendon Fund Scholarship for three years; 120 awards out of 20 000 applicants

  • Project: Epitaxial growth and study of the electronic structure of indium oxide thin film and nanostructures; (Supervisor: Professor Russell G. Egdell)

  • MSc National University of Singapore; Condensed Matter Physics Singapore 2005-2008

  • Project: Investigation of molecular/inorganic interfaces for organic electronics and organic photovoltaic applications; (Supervisor: Professor Andrew TS Wee)

Principal Research Interests:
Oxide Semiconductors; Perovskite Transition Metal Oxide(Sr doped LaCrO3); Complex Transition Metal Oxide ad Electrocatalyst; Plans and Goals

Selected Recent Publications:  

  1. 1. “Octahedral proximity effect created room temperature ferromagnetic insulating phase in ultrathin manganite films”; Li Weiwei; Zhu Bonan; He Qian; Borisevich Albina Y.; Yun Chao; Wu Rui; Lu Ping; Qi Zhimin; Wang Qiang; Chen Aiping; Wang Haiyan; Cavill Stuart A.; Zhang Kelvin H. L.*; MacManus-Driscoll Judith L.*, Advanced Science, 2020, 7: 1901606.

  2. 2. Recent progress on the electronic structure, defect and doping properties of Ga2O3;Zhang Jiaye; Shi Jueli; Qi Dong-Chen; Chen Lang*; Zhang Kelvin H. L.*; APL Materials, 2020, 8, 020906 (Featured Article, Journal cover).

  3. 3. Band edge evolution of transparent ZnM2IIIO4 (MIII = Co, Rh, Ir) spinels;Wahila Matthew J.; Lebens-Higgins Zachary W.; Jackson Adam J.; Scanlon David O.; Lee Tien-Lin; Zhang Jiaye; Zhang Kelvin H. L.*; Piper Louis F. J.*; Physical Review B, 2019, 100, 085126.

  4. 4. Electronic structure and p-type conduction mechanism of spinel cobaltite oxide thin films;Huang Xiaochun; Zhang Jia-Ye; Wu Meng; Zhang Sa; Xiao Haiyan; Han Wenqiao; Lee Tien-Lin; Tadich Anton; Qi Dong-Chen; Qiao Liang; Chen Lang*; Zhang Kelvin H. L.*; Physical Review B, 2019, 100 115301.

  5. 5. Ni3+ Induced Hole States Enhance the Oxygen Evolution Reaction Activity of NixCo3-xO4 Electrocatalysts;M. Y. Cui; X. Y. Ding; X. C. Huang; Z. C. Shen; T. - L. Lee; F. E. Oropeza; J. P. Hofmann; E. J. M. Hensen; and K. H. L. Zhang; Chem. Mater. 31 (18), 7618-7625 (2019)

  6. 6. Tuning the electronic structure of NiO via Li doping for fast oxygen evolution reaction;Fu Gaoliang; Wen Xiaojian; Chen Ziliang; Li Weiwei; Zhang Jia-Ye; Tadich Anton; Wu Renbing; Qi Dong-Chen; Du Yonghua; Cheng Jun*; Zhang Kelvin H. L.*; Chemistry of Materials, 2019, 31, 419.

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  9. 9. Hole-induced insulator-to-metal transition in La1−xSrxCrO3 epitaxial films;Zhang Kelvin H. L.; Du Yingge; Sushko Peter V.; Bowden Mark E.; Shutthanandan V.; Sallis Shawn; Piper Louis F. J.; Chambers Scott A.*; Physical Review B, 2015, 91: 155129.

  10. 10. Reversible nano-structuring of SrCrO3-δ through oxidation and reduction at low temperatures; K. H. L. Zhang, P. V. Sushko, R. Colby, Y. Du, M. E. Bowden, S. A. Chambers; Nature Communications, 2014, 5, 4669.

  11. 11. Microscopic origin of electron accumulation in In2O3;K. H. L. Zhang; R.G. Egdell; F. Offi; S. Iacobucci; L. Petaccia; S. Gorovikov; P. D. C. King; Physical Review Letter, 2013, 110, 056803