Crash Course on Machine Learning

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报告题目:Crash Course on Machine Learning



报告人:Alexey Dral    Founder, CEO at BigData Team


Nowadays, machine learning becomes available not only for Python or R developers but also for managers, entrepreneurs, researchers in physics or chemistry. During the workshop you will learn:

1. How to do exploratory data analysis with the help of Orange;

2. How to fit machine learning (ML) model;

3. How to correctly choose the best ML model with the help of Cross-Validation;

Bonus: everything without writing any piece of code.


10 year working experience for the top Russian and international companies, including Amazon AWS, Yandex, Sberbank, Rambler and qualification onlarge-scale problems, leading R&D teams, defining strategy for the whole departments build up agreat mentor with an aspiration to offer insights to my students. Author of Big Data courses on Coursera,teach around the globe, launch new onsite and online courses to reduce the gap between industry and academia, supervise Data Science and Data Engineering initiatives.

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